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Handmade Artisan Jewelry

If you like to read or have ever checked a book out from a library, then you know the damage that can be created to books by the commonly used "corner folding" method of marking your place.

It's time to consider another method. One that's less damaging to the books you read and, at the same time, can portray a sense of style and personality.

Our artisan designed beaded bookmarks and book thongs are an excellent way to mark your place with your own personal style without damaging your book's pages by the commonly used corner-folding methods.

Handmade Beaded Bookmarks

Custom requests are always welcome!

These handcrafted bookmarks are perfect for books, bibles, datebooks, journals, book of shadows and much more.
If you like what you see above and want to see more, be sure to check out the selection of beautiful handmade beaded bookmarks we have available for purchase at any of our online market locations.

Bits n Beads by Gilliauna on Etsy

Fresh new designs added to our online markets regularly.
Please feel welcome to stop by any time to see what we're up to!

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